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angelThis site will constantly be expanded with new insights, important developments and spiritual gifts; click on the Title of your interest to get more information about that .

This Angel takes the blindfold off your eyes, so you can see again!



The Golden Movement Part I

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New Earth Teacher

These NET-courses will help Mother Earth in her process of transformation to a new level of consciousness. There are, until now, eight NET-courses released and in all there will be 10 courses. One has decided that people following these courses will instantly become teachers themselves. This way the important information can be expanded easily and quick.


Here you’ll find articles about Universal White Time Healing, several revolutionary articles from the Magazine "Ode" which I’ve placed in this site with their consent. Especially I’d like to mention the article "Zero Point Field", in which science proves that there does exist an all-connecting energyfield and hereby makes the connection between science and spirituality. More articles will follow!


A little Information...

... about the Cha Order, The Lion of Battle, The Alliance and the Council of Light
by Channie Cha Centara



Interview with Channie Cha
Drunvalo Melchizedek, Gregg Braden, etc.

Universal White Time Healing

Universal White Time Healing was created when highly developed spiritual beings, having monitored the development on Earth, saw that the need for healing increased in the human race. These beings also saw that the humans could perform the healing themselves by opening up to the universal healing force. The spiritual beings carried ancient knowledge - full of light and love - and they also carried the knowledge about White Time.

It is a very loving, many-sided, powerful, effective and precise way of healing with high frequented energy and beautiful techniques. This Universal Power exists in the whole Universe as a natural Power. Extraterrestrials full of love, Ascended Masters and Angels are helping this Power to come to Earth in the right frequency so that we can use it, among other things, as a healing Power and with which the quality of life can be hightened on many levels. The White Time Forse is known all over the Universe and put into practice in many fields. People following these courses often experience a tremendous feeling of "homecoming".

Beyond Seminar: Four levels in 4 days

The Origin for everyone and everything is a region of Reality with levels that have been hidden, until now, from humans, Extraterrestrials, Angels, and Light Beings living on planets fitting into galaxies fitting into Universes fitting into something larger called a Color Creation. What if you could know what all the Creations ultimately fit into? This Picture of Reality we call The Beyond.


Guest - Book

In this Guest-Book you’ll be able to show that you’ve been on this site also…. and then lots of things can happen…. Because of a message, left behind in the Visitor’s Book by a dear mrs. out of Hilversum (the Netherlands) an old love from youth, living in Texas U.S.A. at that moment, found her back again and the love between these beautiful people started blooming again


White Time Healing Headteacher of Germany fully trained by Channie Cha Centara Ambasatrice for Earth.