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Die kraftvollste Energie die dein Leben auf allen Ebenen ändern wird


Interview with Channie Cha Centara

The new Earth is waiting for us... but what does it mean? How do we go there?

In this interview Channie explains us that we don't have to worry about it. Everything will be more beautiful and much better.  Our consciousness and our vibration is becoming higher and higher. That means for instance that we will be aware of our parallel lives.

Channie Cha is the ambassador for the universal White Time Healing on earth. Since her childhood she is traveling around in the universe and gathered a lot of information, which she is sharing now with her students, who themselves share this information by teaching their students. In this interview Channie explains also the way Universal White Time Healing is working, how you can use it and how life-changing it is for everybody who is working with it.

You can order this dvd by sending an email to: happy.view [at] xs4all.nl
Costs are € 20,- (Europe). Paypal is possible. Please leave your address by ordering!


White Time Healing Headteacher of Germany fully trained by Channie Cha Centara Ambasatrice for Earth.